Preparing for DoDMERB – Anticipating DQs


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Nov 21, 2017
DS answered DoDMERB questionnaire honestly and is expecting 2 possible DQs. What can he do to lessen the likelihood of a DQ or shorten the time for a waiver?

The first DQ will be for eczema he had as an infant but eventually went away. We’re not sure exactly when but his medical records state there were very small patches when he was 14 years old that we treated with over the counter medicines. We have his medical records and a statement from his doctor stating there hasn’t been a flare up in years and that he’s cleared.

The other was for a concussion he suffered last year in high school while playing sports. He didn’t blackout but did suffer headaches for a month and treated with Tylenol. Again, we have his concussion medical records at the exam and statement from the concussion doctor saying he has completely recovered.

Should he provide medical records and doctor statements at the exam?

Advice and expectations are appreciated.
I can't speak to eczema but I can about a concussion. My DS had a concussion in 2015 while playing sports. We had complete medical records showing a perfect paper trail from the initial hospital visit and diagnosis to the doctor's note clearing him and being cleared through his high school concussion protocol procedures. We brought it all with us to the exam and gave them everything. Unfortunately, none of the records made it from the exam location to Concorde. Concorde was very helpful and tried in earnest to obtain those records from the location. After multiple phone calls, the doctor's office did fax them to Concorde. But then, these records never made it to DODmerb from Concorde! Ultimately, my DS got a "remedial" for the concussion asking for.....of course.....wait for it.....all supporting medical records. We sent them via email (DODmerb accepts emails with pdf scans, which I highly recommend over snail-mail) immediately. Within days, my DS was changed to "Qualified" status.

So, yes, bring everything with you (with a complete set of photocopies kept at home for God-sakes! haha) and give it to them. Hopefully, the records will follow your DS's info all the way to DODmerb and he won't even experience a remedial for the concussion (although your DS would still probably have to fill out a quick questionnaire like my DS also had to do). No matter what I am sure they will want that info! My DS had a groin injury too but they were much more interested in his past concussion. But if it doesn't make its way to DODmerb, you will be given the opportunity to re-send. Thank God. :)
His concussion was pretty "typical". Neither very mild nor very severe. He was out of school a couple day, had a modified academic schedule (no assessments allowed) for about 2 weeks, and could do no sport activity what-so-ever for two weeks. At his school the protocol is strict for returning to sports. So it then took him three more days after doctor clearance (academically and physically) to get cleared for sports. The athlete trainer has a three day protocol of pre-set rigorous physical activity exercises that my DS had to pass.

My understanding after getting advice before my DS went to his exams was that all documentation almost certainly will be requested for any matter how mild. In our case this was certainly true since I would consider his concussion "uneventful" and was over two years ago. Obviously he was fully recovered but DODmerb doesn't really care that he had a proven track record of playing multiple varsity sports years after that event. They want to see the proof from DOCTORS that their candidates are medically cleared. That's how you have to look at all of this.
My son had a concussion that triggered a remedial but was cleared by DoDMERB.
Had to get copies of all the records but avoided a DQ, for that.
My son had a concussion that triggered a remedial but was cleared by DoDMERB.
Had to get copies of all the records but avoided a DQ, for that.
I hope by providing the doctor's statements and notes in advance, I can avoid a drawn-out remedial. How long did it take to get medically qualified?
I had some of my own medical difficulties when dealing with DoDMERB. They can be a pain, but with the right paperwork, you can heighten your chances of being initially qualified. Please note that I am not a doctor or anything close and that my advice is based on first and second-hand DoDMERB experiences.

I would advise going to the doctor that originally dealt with your son's eczema, or if you can't find that one, a doctor who knew your DS after the brief bout of eczema to write a note that he did not show any signs of having eczema for x/y/z age. Childhood eczema is actually extremely common. Several of my friends had it when they were kids or babies. I know that it is a waivable condition and one that can pass a remedial because I have seen it happen before.

As for the concussion, I'd recommend going to a doctor and taking the ImPACT test. I know this sounds weird, but I have a friend and I don't remember if he was remedial or disqualified, but he had an issue with a concussion he'd gotten from football. He was advised to take the ImPACT test and doing so cleared him.

I hope this helps, and good luck! DoDMERB can be a drag.
I hope by providing the doctor's statements and notes in advance, I can avoid a drawn-out remedial. How long did it take to get medically qualified?
DoDMERB exam Feb, DQ April, Waiver December
DS had his DoDMERB appointment and it seemed like a non-event. A physicians assistant examined him and indicated there was no problem but that DoDMERB was the deciding authority. DS offered his doctor notes and exam records but the PA and office manager didn't want them. He was told if there's an issue DoDMERB will contact him. DS was hoping to provide and be proactive but I guess every place is different.
^^ I would fax those documents to DODMETS to include with this packet before it goes to DODMERB. The examining clinics do a basic physical and report any findings. It's usually the history you filled out that will flag issues for DODMERB and trigger a remedial.