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    I am currently looking into which nominations I am eligible for and I have a question regarding the Presidential Nomination.

    West Points Congressional Guide says that to be eligible, a parent must be on active duty for at least 8 years, or have served in the reserves for a minimum of 8 years. My father served in the reserves for 8 years and active duty for 4 years. My question is based on the wording of the paragraph I was reading:

    "A parent in the Reserves must be serving as a member of a reserve component and be credited with at least eight years of service (a minimum total of 2,880 points) or must be entitled to retired pay except that he or she is not yet sixty years old. Otherwise, the parent must currently be on active duty (other than for training) and have served continuously for at least eight years or have retired with pay or have been granted retired or retainer pay."

    Does this mean he has to be currently serving in the reserves to qualify or has his past service met the requirements?
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    ".....must be serving..." are the action words here. Thank your Dad for his service in any case but it doesn't count for a nomination.
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    Agree with Spud about ".....must be serving..."

    The reading the quote, I realized according the Congressional Guide, Reserve soldiers have to serve around 20 years before their childern qualify for the Presidential nomination. 2880 points is a close to 8 years of active duty. In a year, the maxium points a Reserve soldier can earn is 365 points. In order to earn that much point, the soldier has to be pretty much be full time Reserve soldier. A typical reserve soldier earns 70 to 100 points a year. So 100 points a year will require 28 years +/-. If a reserve soldier was on active duty for 4 years, 1460 points, to earn 1420 points required to reach 2880 point, he or she has to be in the reserves for 14 years (given 100 points a year).

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