Presidential Nomination


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Dec 11, 2015
Hello. I have searched this forum and have done a Google search, but I still have a few questions regarding the Presidential Nomination.

My DS wants to apply to USNA and USMA. Are each of the service academies that require nominations allocated 100 Presidential appointments? Or are those 100 appointments divided among the various academies?

Also, due to the fact that we have moved 3 times since my DS has been in high school, he has not made very deep relationships with adults in our communities, since we are not around long enough. How do the academies take this into consideration, if at all.

Thank you for any insight you can give me.
Each SA can have up to 100 Presidential appointments. Normally there are around 700-800 candidates who apply and qualify for a presidential nomination at each SA but only 100 appointments can be charged there. The issue you point out about moving as a military family is why they have Presidential nominations. The SAs recognize the challenges of a student who moves in high school. I think this is where his essays and interviews come into play to discuss those unique challenges. I also think this is where additional letters of recommendation can help if his BGO/ALO thinks it willl help.