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    Not sure which thread to put this in, but i'm only applying to USNA, so i'll put it here

    I was wondering if usna typically uses all 100 appt slots for presidential noms and how many nominations typically go out (i know the number fluctuates as they are unlimited)

    I have an moc nom, but I was wondering if having a presidential nom is a big help as well (i.e., they give out 200 pres noms typically, and they accept 100)

    Obviously this all doesn't matter in a few weeks, but it will certainly calm my nerves for right now

    any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
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    I think there are usually almost 500 candidates annually who are eligible for a Presidential and I have always heard that it is a very competitive group, that the majority will receive appointments. Of course most of these are via their MOC.

    By successfully completing both nomination processes, the CGO has greater leeway in how the appointment are awarded. For example, if you have both, and your competition in the district is minimally qualified, you may receive the MOC's nomination. Conversely, if the competition is in the middle of the pack, just below the national pool cutoff level and the class would be enhanced with his appointment, you will probably receive the Presidential and he will receive the MOC's.
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