Previous medical records needed?


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Sep 25, 2008
I am trying to be as prepared as I can for the physical with DoDMERB. Are all candidates requested to bring in previous medical records to their appointment? If my medical history/current health is completely unremarkable, are the records ever going to be needed? If so, I wanted to get a jump on trying to gather them, as I've been to muliple docs over the years, and it may take a while to obtain everything.
Your next statement doesn't necessarily jive with your previous statement.... Unremarkable history, but have been to multiple Docs over the years???
Thank you for the info

Thank you for the information. Seeing multiple docs over the years is due to a combination of moving, and changing providers due to changes in insurance coverage. If the records are not automatically always requested, perhaps it will be okay to see if they will actually be needed. It does seem however that when I have tried to obtain records from one doctor to bring to another it can be a slow process . . .
Have you set up your account yet online with DoDMERB? If you have you will see there the form that you will need to bring with you to your initial appt (unless things have changed since last year). :rolleyes:

Don't get stressed about the "all medical records" thing unless you need to.

Good luck-