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Jul 17, 2008
Son was given a Principal Nom to USNA. This is exciting, but he's waiting to find out if he's 3Q. Apps going before the board soon/or did recently. Question- is there a set criteria for Scholastic Qual? We totally understand the Med and Physical, but haven't found the Scholastic criteria posted any where. Are there numbers posted anywhere regarding SATs and GPA's? We know that we'll find out soon, but in the meantime....We are cautiously optimistic, again. Thanks for any help.
Did he take the ACT or SAT? How did he do? Do you know your B&G officer? Class rank, GPA?
I can't recall the minimums for USNA. I did see them somewhere. Call the academy. They'll tell you if he's qualified scholastically. Better yet, have your son call.
I have always been told by BGOs that SATs below 600 math or eng will not qualify, some tell me 650. However, I also know of several current mids with scores in the high 500's. I understand the magic formula to be a closely kept USNA secret. Being scholastically qualified is more than just test scores & grades. They consider your GPA/test scores/Class Rank/difficulty of classes taken & even difficulty of the HS you are in. It is a very complex thing that cannot be easily reduced to numbers. That being said, USNA Class of 2012 test scores are noted below. I don't have immediate access to avg GPA or class rank at the moment. How do your sons scores fall within these statistics from 2012?


Score range Verbal Math
>700 (31-36) 26% 32%
>600-699 (26-30) 44% 50%
<600 (<26) 30% 18%

* Sorry - table doesn't seem to "paste" very well - it lost its formatting!

The good news is that with a principal nom you can rest assured that the Academy will be looking at his qualifications very carefully. He will get the appointment unless he is not QQQ - and before they deem him to be non-QQQ they'll have reviewed the file very thoroughly. Typically, a MOC would not submit a principal that didn't meet the min academics. When was the nom submitted? If it was fairly recent, be patient - they are very busy right now. If it's been a month or more, then your son may want to evaluate his academic profile & send in 7th semester grades or update the file with any academic achievements (NHS type things).

Good luck - it sounds like he is in a good spot
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principal nominee

If I am reading the stats posted properly, scores under 600 are accepted. I would have to agree that one probably wouldn't be nominated as principal nominee unless he/she was academically qualified. I am also wondering Baseball mom how long ago your son received his principal nomination?
Principle Nom

Prin Nom received verbally 1.5 week ago and in person in a meeting with Senator last week. The position we are taking right now (per advice from our excellent BGO officer) is to wait, wait, and wait some more. Son will need a waiver, so he's not 3Q right now.

USCGA was sons first choice, but that doesn't look like it will be in the cards as his waiver was recently denied. We're doing everything possible to help son, including lots of prayers. Sooo close, yet so far....
The biggest question here, then, is the waiver. Have you been in touch with Mr. Mullen on the DoDMRB section of this forum? He can provide valuable assistance in the area of DoDMRB. If you have not already been in contact with him, I suggest that you contact him now. I am pretty sure he includes his email address if you'd rather not post openly. Go over to the DoDMRB section and check it out - he is very helpful.
Larry Mullen is my hero!!

Oh yes..he is an amazing person.

Not only did he call me within 15 minutes of receiving my email, but he had another person call me the next day to give me additional advice. He also sent an email to a SA for us to lend support to our waiver case. We should all get together and send him something from the home states of all of the students that he has personally helped!

At this point we are taking his advice and getting together as much info as possible to help son's waiver case. We are staying hopeful!
Is he being recruited for baseball by chance? Your name suggests a tie with baseball.