Principal Nomination


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Jan 6, 2016
My congressman said that he is using the principle with competing alternates method this year and I am unsure as to if I am the principle nominee according to the letter I received earlier this month. I am quite nervous and I was wondering if anyone else is in this situation or was previously?
I received a nomination last year from him as well and he used the competitive process. The letter says the same exact thing as it does this year and that is why I am confused. I am praying very hard right now after going through this for the last 3 years including this year.
Call the staffer. They should be able to clear it up. Fingers crossed it's a principal and it's you!
My MOC also does principal with competing alternates, and the letter did not say anything as to which I was. However, when they called me to inform me of my nomination, they told me I was the principal. In short, you may be the principal, but the letter may not specify.
Every MOC is different. Some call, some send letters, some hold big ceremonies. Some reveal the type of slate they use. If you are curious, call and ask the coordinator.
I had just sent her an e-mail after receiving hers about the method used this year so I'll have to wait until tomorrow for a reply. No sleep for me tonight.