Prior Enlisted Acceptance Rate


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May 7, 2017
With a quick Google search, West Point's acceptance rate is easily located. However, I am unable to find the acceptance rate for applications filed by soldiers who are currently serving in the enlisted ranks. If anyone has information regarding the percent of prior enlisted soldiers offered appointments to USMA, please share.
That information does not publicly exist. When it comes to enlisted soldiers, if you can pass the CFA, get a commander's endorsement, and have time to actually complete the application process the only hurdle is typically the standardized test scores. If you can manage a minimum 24 in all parts of the ACT, then you are in really good shape for admission. The challenge for enlisted soldiers is surviving the academic program which is why so many of them end up at the prep school. So the acceptance rate is not the real issue.
I know several Cadets who were not admitted first time, but enlisted and were then accepted either directly or via the prep school.
As pointed out above, a major stumbling block can be standardized tests. Also, while most units are supportive I’ve seen NCOs who were not very supportive of soldiers applying to West Point. Can make for challenging times.