Prior service CC to USMA


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I am prior service and my concern with going to the prep school is what will happen if I attend and then do not get a appointment to USMA. I know my chances are high if I attend the prep school and I shouldn’t focus on the “what if” but when considering career choices like this id like to explore all possibilities. If I don’t get into West Point after spending a year at the prep school will I have the chance to ETS or do I have to finish the remaining year of my contract(that would seem almost pointless)? If I do have to finish that year will I go back to my old unit? Go to a new one? Stay at USMA stuck on details?


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If you find USMA is not for you, they can send you back to your old unit or you can spend a few years here working on post. You do not want that on your ERB. The staff wants to work with you to ensure you will graduate. You do need to have a certain amount of time remaining in service to attend. Coming here and following the path set by USMA guarantees success. You will make it.


I know with the Air Force you would get put back in the pool of assignments and get somewhere based on the Manning throughout the Force, could be different for y’all but that’s how it is for us as prior e and you would finish your contract the prep school counts as time served on active duty