(Prior Service) Do you think I'll survive at WP?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by kelly5245, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Hello, I am a 20 yr old female currently active duty in the army.
    I have applied for WP for the class of 2017, got all 3Qs.
    The prior-service recruiter told me I will most likely get accepted.

    Ok, so here is the deal.
    I am not worried about the rigorous academics in WP.
    I am not worried about the very strict / discipline life-style at WP either.

    What I AM worried about is the physcial aspect of WP!!!

    I'm not really a PT stud.
    I max the sit-ups and push-ups for the Army Standandard PT test.
    But I am a HORRIBLE runner.

    My fastest 2 mile run ever was a 16:54
    I had to literally run my lungs out for that :(
    and my fastest 1 mile was a 7:53
    I can run 3~4 mile in a 9min/mile pace.

    I have never played sports in HS.
    I do not know how to play any sports!!! no joke!!

    Well, I can swim pretty decent
    (can swim all the strokes including butterfly)
    but never competed in a team.
    It's kinda like a hobby :/

    1. Do you think I'll be able to survive physically at WP?

    2. I heard all cadets at WP have to be involved in at least one sport.
    Do I actually have to be on a competitive team or
    is it ok with just joining a club?

    3. Do you think I'll get laughed at if I drop out of runs or do bad on obstacle
    courses at WP? I heard the new cadets 'look up' to prior-service, but I
    really don't think I'm that good enough to set an example......
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    Start running now. The thing not many people know about running is the key to getting faster is a LOT of SLOW miles. It seems counter-intuitive, but you should probably be training all of your miles at about a 10:00 min/mi pace maybe even 11:00. You progress quickly and generally start tapering off once you can run 2mi in 14-15 minutes (from what I've seen, its not a scientific number) and its an uphill battle from there. Since running is highly aerobic in any distances longer than 1200m you train that particular system. There's a lot of running resources and learning how your body works can make you a lot better of an athlete :)

    Yes, athletic clubs count towards your sport. Triathlon is a club sport and that'd count towards the sport requirement. Good luck!!
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    I would suggest working on your running too. West point is a very hilly place and that's what really gets to some people...especially the bad runners lol. So do a lot of running on inclines as well. Hope to see you next year!:biggrin:
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    You know when you run and reach that limit where you feel you can't go another 10 feet? That's when it's time to find your second wind and work past your old threshold of pain so you could endure more, and beat your previous times.

    To excel in running (military), you must not only run the 2m periodically, you must also try to run 4 miles (usually annually tested too in some places) at the same speeds. I don't care if you lose half your times the third and forth mile. The idea in the beginning is to complete without stopping. Then the idea is to gradually pace out all your miles to complete. Then the idea it to start beating the 2 mile for PT test standard and finish running your last 2 miles right after. You do this, you'll increase your speeds. Also try eating right the night before PT tests so you're properly energized for your run.

    At least once a week, go for a 5k or more and run some hills--heck run a mountain. Some people can run and smoke a cig while doing it better than you. You'll have to work for it. You now have the greatest incentive to do this--you've received an appointment. The stuff I'm telling you is what we are taught in ANCOC and up.

    Lastly, don't forget to stretch properly for the time you do it in formation and on your own. Stretch like you've never stretched before. No matter what, don't stop to walk. Slow jog, do whatever but don't stop.

    ....now....double time, march!!!

    Let me add that you've proven through your enlistment, CBT and all else that you got the stuff to compete with these west pointers. You earned your place to stand with them and learn to be a leader. If anything, you're the grownup so they may take some leadership advice from you--at least you have experience to share.

    Good luck young lady. Congrats too!
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    plus very humid during the summer.

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