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    What exactly are Pro-Knowledge Tests and what happens if you fail to get the magic 80% ?

    Our DS just texted and thinks the sky is falling as he received a 78%

    Thank You!
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    Pro-Knowledge Tests are weekly quizzes on several pages worth of Academy or Navy-related information. Each week has a different topic, this year the first was Military Customs and Courteseys, as well as Notable Graduates. The next week's was US Navy and Marine Corps uniforms.
    The Brigade standard for passing a Pro Quiz is an 80%, and within my Battalion it's 85% and in-Company it's 90%. If you fail these quizzes, you have additional come-arounds with the respective level of training staff. Come-arounds are sessions where you are quizzed on that week's material orally several days ahead of the test by upperclass.
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    I hope they finally got the Navy-Marine Corps Uniform topic right. In all of my four years, I don't think the errors were ever corrected! In reality, pro-quizzes should be taken seriously -- not because it is "another" task for plebes, but it is something (knowledge wise) that you can actually use after you graduate.

    If you are a plebe, when the warfare/platform topics start appearing, this is a good time to ask your upperclassmen (and prior enlisted) about how it applies in the Fleet/FMF -- remember some have been on summer cruises/evolutions and seen some of this cool stuff in action.

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