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    Sep 4, 2018
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    We just learned our son would need a waiver for his hypospadias and subsequent fistula repair. He had both surgically corrected while a very small child. Do we need to be proactive and start with an appointment with a urologist? Getting an appointment can involve a several month wait. Or do we just wait and chill for a bit? We have already submitted all medical records pertaining to this. He has had no treatment for this for well over ten or twelve years. I find it hard to believe he wouldn't get a waiver but after reading all the posts for DQ's I am now very worried. Any insight would be appreciated.
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    In my case, I’ve been pretty proactive hoping for the best. It’s been about a month and the USMA waiver authority has not requested any info at all. I’ve sent all documents supporting the waiver at my own will. I know someone posted on here a while back talking about how they were proactive and they believe it helped their waiver approval. Can’t remember who posted but I took their advice. The wait would probably be longer if you and your DS waited for a response. DoDMERB and the waiver authority has to deal with many candidates. Why not give them what they need to approve a waiver before they ask. Just my opinion, but do what your DS thinks is best. Also make sure to contact your POC at the academy/rotc and see what they think is best.
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    There are no guarantees when (or if) each waiver authority will initiate the waiver process. But, if it indeed takes months to get an appointment with the urologist, there is no harm in getting one on the books and canceling if you find out it is not needed. Each waiver authority should provide specific feedback regarding what additional data they need for their assessment.

    Good luck.
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    Did it say why it's DQ? Hypospadia is DQ only if the procedure has happened or if you've had complications within the past 24 months.

    I would find it hard to believe a waiver wouldn't be given a waiver provide not complications like recurrent urinary tract infections, difficulty urinating, stricture, or fistula.
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    He had a fistula repair when he was 5. Now 17 and has not had any issues for 12 years. We are hopeful for a waiver.
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