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    Murf included a really good newspaper article on the '2nd Phone Call thread', which reminded me of a Blog post that I thought was pretty useful. When we met our DD after the ceremony on Iday, She'd just been yelled at by a female detailer who'd singled her out, and DD took it personally.

    At her request, I've printed and sent "interesting stuff".... Tech articles/Econ articles/Philosophy Blogs with all my letters because she wanted something to read that would take her head outside of PS,----(when she had time?!?).

    Worried about her attitude towards Detailers making things harder, I sent the attached blog post in one of my letters to give her a look at things from the perspective of a Detailer, and to remind her that Detailers are working hard too, at a job they view as extremely important.

    Looking back, I should have offered this up weeks ago when our kids and families where all in the middle of PS. That said, I think its worth reading as one detailers view "from the other side".

    Appoligies if this blog is "common knowledge"; it wasn't for me.

    If the Link doesn't work: Google (mind the "s) "Some Words for the Cadre"
    The Blog is called 'JO Rules'

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    Great article and spot on. I actually know the guy in the picture and served with him! The funny part is that could be a picture from yesterday and no one would of guessed it's over 2 decades old.

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