Procedure for Nominating Sources


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Aug 8, 2017
What is the correct procedure for my DD as she is deciding which offer to take between Service Academy and ROTC / College? She has received an LOA, congressional nomination and qualified medically for a service academy. She has also received an ROTC scholarship and was admitted to the school her ROTC scholarship was placed. She received a Senator nomination to a second service academy but no LOA or admission yet. She also received a second ROTC scholarship but will not find out from the school that ROTC scholarship was placed until late March.

Does she need to send anything to the nomination sources for her Service Academies while she is still waiting to choose what she wants to do? Our DD has received her Christmas present early and she is truly blessed as she wants to spend her whole career in the military serving her country. Any advice is greatly appreciated as she / our family has not done this before.
There is nothing she needs to do at the moment. She is very blessed to have choices.