Processing time for waivers?


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Aug 18, 2008
I am sure I'll need a waiver for my diplopia. I would like to know how long would take for Army ROTC to respond to the waiver request.

Also, I just got another remedial on telling me to take an Ear Nose and Throat consult. I may not be able to get to the ENT consult for a little while. Does it hurt me if I decide to take the ENT consult a few months later, or can I schedule the appointment at any time I choose? I.e: next March.
When you are asked for a remedial, fulfill the requirements as soon as possible. If you wait until March to even send in the ENT data, you are nearly guaranteed that you will not get medically qualified for another month or more after that.

Remember, if you get a waiver for the first condition, you will not be declared medically qualified if there is another remedial required.
2012 Mom is correct. You want to complete your requirements expeditiously, so you can get YOUR decision expeditiously. Waiver decisions are not in cookie cutters. They don't go in for a day to bake and have a decision. It depends on a multitiude of factors that change all the time....most...having nothing to do with your particlaur decision....e.g. workload for the Command Surgeon; his travel schedule; etc. But a "ball park" guess would be, if it is posted for him today, you would have some type of decision well with 10 business days. Hence, it's important for you to complete your remedial.:thumb:
I am asking only because I won't be able to complete my ENT consult until then. I only can do my repeat audio later this week. However, like I said before I may get two DQs( double vision and one for the left ear if the audio and ENT come up with something bad). I know this is just an assumption, but if I do the ENT in March, I'll have the time between then and August to take care of any waivers before finalizing my scholarship.

I want to listen to your advice, but I'm just in a situation that doesn't permit me to finish everything quickly.
And.....I'm willing to help.:thumb: Again, email me this posting at, and we'll see where you're at (provide full name and Last 4 of SSN). Then I can advise you from a better vantage point:thumb: