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    Folks often pigeonhole military members - and especially military academy or military college grads as being of a certain type and who wind up in certain career fields. The stereotype is that we are all serious, type A robots who are happiest when bossing folks around, slavishly following orders or deep into the guts of some engineering problems . It's not really true- some of the most creative folks out there have walked thru the various sally ports; arches etc (for example one of the most famous American Ballet dancers of the past Century -Edward Villella- is a 1957 NY Maritime (Ft Schuyler) graduate). This link is a very interesting little blurb in the quarterly USAA magazine about a nontypical post military career for one USNA alumnus (go to page 11- "Tailor Made".
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    But why not I can see it now. "Next up is a wonderfully outfit from tpg fashions A lovely black and crimson floral pattern Cammy smock, covering a darling pair of white and pink striped spandex bicycle shorts and finishing it all is the trademark one white glove which tpg insists is a tribute to the late Michael J. next year tpg expects to release a womans line of fashions.":yllol::shake::biggrin:

    With your Marcor experience you would be a natural.

    just kidding:thumb:

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