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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Daaltaraan, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Since the application process opens in two days, I just want to see what I need to improve on. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Currently, I am a male high school junior. I have a 4.0 gpa unweighted and a 4.375 gpa weighted for the current year. I am taking three AP classes this year as well as having 5 more college/AP classes set up for my senior year. I am a two year varsity letter in football and golf. I am a member of the State Champion Scholarsbowl team (an academic competion which I also lettered in) I most likely will letter in golf this spring and I believe I have good chances to be a varsity captain on next year's football team.

    For the CFA, I already lift weights for football and I am going to do some Stew Smith training in the next few months to be ready.
    I took the ACT a year ago without studying and got a composite of 32 with a 34 in math and science, a 32 in reading and a 27 in english. This year I worked with my english teacher to raise my score and he believes I have a good chance of a getting a 36. I have not taken the writing section yet. Is it mandatory? I believe I got a 214 of 240 on my PSAT. I currently rank #1 in my class of 170 students. (School has 700 total.) I live in Kansas just outside of downtown Kansas City.

    In the leadership section, I'm not sure what to put. Since I am so involved in sports I have not joined student council but I am joining that this fall. I am a member of NHS. The most important leadership role I have is the role of Acolyte Master at my church. This involves leading and organizing all the other acolytes in the duties that we attend to.

    My school is relatively small and is completely broke (we can barely afford paper) so we have literally 2 clubs and only a limited selection of AP classes. (The only AP I am not taking is Art and Music Theory) Also,the town is relatively small so their is not much to join so any suggestions would be very helpful.
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    You are right; most everything looks good except those non-athletic ECs. There's always Boys' State. Speak with someone from your counseling office about it and if they don't know anything, contact your local American Legion branch. I had to go through quite the convoluted process to get to CA Boys' State so if you have any questions about that please contact me.
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    I agree with USMA2016,
    For sure go for Boy's State - West Point likes to see that on your record. Contact your local American Legion Chapter today to see how to be selected. Normally, the local chaper selects one male and one female from each High School.
    Join the NHS, do your best to be on the Student Council and/or run for Class President or VP. Take the SAT test to include the writing part.
    Start your formal application with West Point.

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