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    DS graduated HS this year and will be off to college on a 4 yr ROTC scholarship. We've been to awards night, scholarship dinners, athletic awards, graduation, etc. over the past few weeks. A lot of proud moments for sure, but one of my proudest moments as a parent came from an unexpected place. The other night DS had baseball end of season banquet. Simple meal and get together with the team where they announce MVP, etc. There is a mentally challenged young lady who has been involved as a helper with the HS teams for years. She came up to me and said "Of all the players over the years, I like (DS) the best! He is always nice to me and doesn't let anyone pick on me." Made me feel pretty darn good...
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    These are moments a parent never forgets. Congratulations!

    P.S. Kudos to the coach for assigning the young lady the job!
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