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Jun 14, 2007
I am seeking information on students who have taken Prozac and apply to a Military Academy.

A student has asked me to find out some information for them. They have been on PROZAC, mild dose, for only a year as family went through a divorce and a death. The student is still on the med but Dr. has recommended they stop taking the Prozac by spring. This student is a senior and submitting applications to 2 Academies, USMA and USNA. DODMERB has asked for all records and is reviewing the file on this student.

So...can they hope for a WAIVER?

Will NROTC be any more lenient for a WAIVER?
The best advice you can give the student is to provide my email address so they we can have a direct dialogue. Someone who has the where-with-all to apply to Service Academies in light of those signifcant lifetime events, is more than capable of communicating directly with private. But I'm sure he/she totally appreciates your support:thumb:
look through some of these dodmerb posts to find MullenLE (mr.larry mullen) email address and shoot him an email. he will be the one to answer all questions specific to your case. he'll be the one to tell you that its all case by case.

best of luck!