PSAT score


Nov 3, 2016

I recently got my PSAT scores back and I got a 1180 (R-550 and math-630) I know that these are not very competitive scores for an SA application. But for having never taken a test like this before and with little practice, I think this is a pretty alright score. Does anyone have any insight into this?

Thank you in advance
I scored 80 lower than you, idk im kinda freaking out. Its an alright score but definitely to be competitive need to be higher.
Take prep classes before you take the SAT I got a 1260 and I'm still taking a prep class so don't stress thought
I scored a 1460 this year and was told it's a pretty competitive(but not unheard of, especially with service academies) score.

For me the biggest thing that helped was studying math through practice tests online. You begin to notice the pattern of which types of questions begin to appear often(like systems of equations.)

I managed to raise math from a 610 or so to a 750 by studying like this.