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Apr 15, 2016
I am wrapping up the components of my PTR packet. Some things say they are due on the 15th while other sources say the 31st? If it is slightly past the 15th, will there be an repercussions? Still ironing out vaccinations with my doctor and gathering final forms together.
If it is received at USNA* slightly after the 15th
I am in the same position with the vaccines and ppd test. I have everything else already mailed except for those two things. My portal said everything had to be received by the 31st. My plan was just to get it in as soon as possible but I was wondering the same thing. Maybe an email to an admissions counselor and give them a heads up?
I asked my admissions counselor, she said as long as everything is postmarked by the 15th it can get there after. So no need to rush order things :)