Q & A - Norwich University

Do you know what iPad they will issue? Also, when does the packing list come out?
The packing list is out, it’s here:

We got ipad accessories for generation 7/8/9. Not sure which one they’re actually giving out this year… maybe someone else knows?
Hi!! Quick question. How does the iPad situation work. Do we buy one there or do we have to bring ours from home. Also, who is allowed during family weekend. My family can't go, but my friend will be going to a school nearby and she wants to go for me.
How do fall sports work. I plan to do women's rugby and want to bring my equipment. Do I leave it home and wait until after rook week?
My son will be a junior this year so hopefully someone has more up-to-date info on the iPad situation. He got his by mail over the summer (I think the deposit had to be paid by a certain day for that). The rest must have been issued at school.

Family weekend - there is a pretty strong no rook left behind practice at Norwich so families will adopt rook siblings for the weekend so they can get off campus and get good meals. There are no restrictions on who can visit. As a rook you’ll have a very specific schedule to follow as far as where you have to be and when but it’s an amazing weekend. Sometimes family doesn’t plan to attend for a y number of reasons but decide in the end they can’t miss it :)

There are dates for fall sports arrival so you’ll want to look for that (it’s on the website). You’ll bring sports equipment with you. Hopefully there’s a fall sport parent who can help you with that information.

Have a great summer and the better physical shape you show up to campus in the better off you’ll be. So much PT! Good luck!
Love the feedback on this site. Great info on parents' weekend, packing list, places to stay, etc. Son is attending Norwich in fall. Looks like he went thru same application opps as many others here - SA's, VMI, Citadel, VA Tech, etc. He's playing football and looking forward to attending. Any thoughts on sport participation in conjunction with Corps requirements - he's going NROTC Marine option - and academics? I think he fares better with a structured schedule, but this is a new ballgame.