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    My status on DODMerb was just changed to Current Medical Status:Qualified.
    However, I was sent to DODMerb by USNA.
    On my USMA portal it states: Status: (blank).
    Do I need to do something special to let USMA know that my status was changed to Qualified?
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    No, you do not need to do anything at this time. If you were "Qualified" from your USNA medical exam, USMA will review and then determine your status from that exam. The same holds true for ROTC applications.

    Once you have a DoDMERB exam (Physical and Eye), then that exam applies to all other SA's/ROTC that you have applied.

    Below are some helpful hints for gaining access to the scheduling documents online ahead of any official snail mail notification:

    DoDMETS is the Concorde (subcontractor) site and you can also check online status: https://www.dodmets.com/AppLogIn.aspx
    Follow login instructions for login (Enter SSN; Password (First time user, Enter LAST Name)

    Once you complete the medical exam, the results will be reviewed and then the status will change online before you receive an official letter from DoDMERB in the mail. It can take 4-10 business days for the results to post after the medical exam.

    You can go online and check DoDMERB status.DoDMERB is a completely separate system from DoDMETS and the first time you enter the system you will need to click on "New Applicant/Create an Account" which takes you to: https://dodmerb.tricare.osd.mil/ApplicationCheck.aspx
    Enter candidate SSN and DOB. It should prompt you to create a new Username and login.

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