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    If I received a congressional nomination, going through the remedial/waiver process, completed all the required forms on the Candidate Portal, I am qualified or not yet?

    Receiving a remedial from being disqualified shows that I am a competitive candidate, doesnt it?
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    To be eligible for an appointment, you have to be "triple qualified" plus receive an appointment. "Triple qualified" means academically, physically (fitness), and medically. To be sent for the DoDMERB physical, you must meet the minimum eligibility standards for a candidate. If you are in the post-physical remedial process with DodMERB, it means you have not yet qualified medically. DodMERB does not review the rest of your file, so that stage has nothing to do with whether you are "competitive".

    If you receive a disqualification after remedial from DoDMERB, the request for a waiver is automatically forwarded to the Academy for their review and decision. Other posters have noted that this request for waiver is considered only after the Admissions Board determines that you are otherwise generally competitive; however, I have seen no official statement saying that that is the case. Perhaps someone else can point to it?

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