USCGA 2014
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Sep 18, 2008
So I went outside to get the mail when I got home around 4 o'clock. There was an envelope from DODMERB! I was really nervous and I opened the letter extremely quickly. I only scanned the letter but the word QUALIFIED was the one word that stood out in my mind! THis is just one more step to a greater adventure! I am so psyched!
Congrats! I often wonder whether it's worth all the effort into writing our letters with such specificity, political correctness, and detail. Do we write too much, too little. Are they too personal but take too long to get them to you? Are they too impersonal, but we can dispatch them quickly. The fact of the matter is, we do the best we can, but trackandfield08 synthesized it down to one word "qualified." Best of luck to you:thumb: