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    Oct 10, 2015
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    i got a letter back from dodmerb that said Air Force academy qualified. Does this apply to all academies and ROTC programs as well?
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    As a generalization, yes. Each academy (and I think ROTC too) sends a request to DoDMERB when you complete a certain percentage of your application. DoDMERB then either opens scheduling options for you, or if you have already completed it, sends your results to the SA. As a result, each time a SA checks your status with DoDMERB, you will get a letter from them stating you are qualified for that SA.

    Example: you are already USAFA qualified medically, so when you complete a certain percentage of the USNA application, USNA will request DoDMERB information about you and you will receive another letter that says you are medically qualified for USAFA and USNA
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    ROTC only contacts DoDMERB if you have been awarded a ROTC scholarship. Also, keep in mind, each SA and each ROTC is its own decision authority for medical waivers. From your post, it appears DoDMERB did not DQ you so that is good and should mean you should be good to go.
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    My DS completed his DoDMERB for both the USAFA and USNA in 2 visits -vision and physical and qualified for both. He recently was awarded a 4yr NROTC scholarship and it stated he would have to complete DoDMERB, however they may be able to use his DoDMERB's from a SA screening/testing/physical. I went to their website 2 weeks later and see he is NROTC qualified and he did not have to go retake any tests or see any physicians.

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