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    I have had an issue with Dodmerb and the waiver authority.
    I have been tested at the request of DODMERB for food allergy to shrimp.
    we had a complete blood test checking for allergic reaction to all seafood.
    ie. shellfish, crustacean,and fish. the results were an IGE rating for shrimp of above 7.0. shrimp and shrimp alone was the only issue everything else tested was negative. I then received a notice from the academy that I was reinstated for candidacy. in December I received another request for a monitored food ingestion of shrimp. Concorde was unable to find a contracting doctor to perform this test. I that contacted Maj.Coop an immunologist/allergist at Luke AFB who responded by stated that he a) doesn't understand why the request and b)he doesn't recommend the test due to an adverse reaction.
    DODMERB then rescinded their request for the ingestion test.
    After a 30 day wait we contacted the waiver authority board and spoke to Sgt.O'lette who informed us that according to the chart updated 17 feb that I would be required to take the ingestion test with a negative reaction or face denial, or by not complying to take the test I would face denial. It seems that denial is eminent. but I have not been informed of denial and told my case is still open for review. I am willing to suffer possible consequences of the ingestion test if this means a possible appointment.
    Being a military officer and graduate of the USAFA has been my mindset goal for the last 6 years.
    Can you please help.
    Below is the correspondence between my mother and Maj. Coop
    Jake Johnson.. 9396

    From: Coop, Christopher A Maj USAF AETC 56 MDOS/SGOMA [mailto:Christopher.Coop@luke.af.mil]
    Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011 11:07 AM
    To: Johnson, Susan
    Subject: RE: Doctor report

    I recommend talking with the person who requested the oral shrimp
    ingestion/ challenge. Why does the Air Force need this test?
    I can speak with this person if he/she is willing and available.

    With his specific IgE for shrimp being 7.47 Ku/L, it is very likely that
    your son would react to an oral shrimp challenge. I would not recommend
    a shrimp challenge because of the high likelihood of a reaction, which
    could be severe.

    If you need to need me to talk to someone in the Air Force regarding the
    challenge, I am available.

    Chris Coop, Maj, USAF, MC
    Allergy/ Immunology
    Luke AFB, Arizona
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    Try looking in the DODMERB forum. I have worked with them in the past, they are great folks and will do what they can for you. Mullen is DODMERB grand poohbah and he is very caring and responsive.

    Good Luck!

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