Question #2

Just Dad

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Sep 14, 2015
Can someone who knows give me an idea of just how close a BS in Poly Sci from the USNA gets to a BS in Chemistry, BS-ME, BS-EE, BS-Naval Eng ETC. ?

How much harder is it to get a BS-ME-------- than say a BS English, BS-Poli Sci?

Some will tell you lots and others will tell you some. It is honestly more about strengths and interests. For me, paper writing and reading is a strength. For others, they would rather do differential equations than reading a chapter. My best friend was a math major and the thought of writing another essay would make him bang his head against the wall. The work load is heavier as an engineer. I know plenty of engineers who got plenty of sleep and managed their time. I also know some poly sci majors who did not. It really comes down to what interests someone, goals and their strengths.