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Sep 14, 2015
I was going to ask MJ and Hoops about this off line (but who knows when I will get around to that). Does anybody know if/where I might be able to ship off a donation to the USNA Sponsors Program?

I am so grateful to the couple that are DD's "hold card" in Annapolis. Rides to the airport, arranging for medical attention, deliveries of stuff from home, an open invitation to PJ-up, and sit around making calls home on a Sunday, a ride to whole foods to stock up on some non-std-issue food. Most important; I know that if she broke her leg tomorrow her sponsors would be right on top of things to help out........ which makes the whole USNA experience much easier for Mom back home.

DD's sponsor family will never need any kind of support, but I could see other younger, less established, families benefiting from a "Sponsor Family Trust" during a rough. I would jump at the chance write a check to a fund/trust to be administered by USNA Sponsors Reps to benefit sponsor families who have opened their homes to DDs/DSs who've hit a rough patch or just to allow USNA sponsors to invest in the Annapolis community they live in. I don't think I am alone in this. Does such a fund exist? Should such a fund exist?--- it would be easy to set up.
I don't believe one does - too many difficulties when dealing with gifts to the Navy. Since the Sponsor Program is a USNA program, and not one of the associated independent non-profits such as the Alumni Assn or Athletic Assn, govt ethics and gifts rules apply.

You could always call Rose in the Sponsor Office to check. You never know if there's a workaround established.

The giving and the getting are a two-way street.

Very kind thought.
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I didn't know that the Navy owned the program. Nothing to do, but send a little extra in with my 1040 this year, (BWA-Ha-Ha).

I had found Rose's number, but figured I'd ask you all first. Will do, thanks.
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