Question about a scholarship


Sep 1, 2016
So I recieved an email today saying congrats I had recieved a Congressional Army Rotc Scholarship and to finish completing my application. I confused on this as I haven't completed my application, how could I win a scholarship. Does anybody know about this?
Did you receive the email after your MOC interviews? DS interviewed, and then received an email saying "with you permission, we will forward your packet on to AROTC" or something to that effect. In case he does not receive a nomination. I believe it was sent to all the interviewees. I read elsewhere that the army is trying to build up, so I attributed the request to that. DS is actually not interested in AROTC, as he already has AFROTC and NROTC scholarships.

Do you think this could be a similar situation to yours?
I did interview with my MOC, but I never recieved an email asking for them to send my info to AROTC even though I am applying.
What I am wondering is maybe they just sent it on? I am only offering an idea based upon the fact that we were solicited and ONLY from Army. I bet someone here would know the inner workings of AROTC....

How much of your ROTC application is complete?
I have sent in my SAT scores and have everything else done except, PFT, essays and PMS interview which I am on the way to now.
Well, I suspect you are about to find the answers to your question! Good Luck, and hope to hear!