Question about D1 Atletics


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Feb 2, 2017
DD stated over the weekend that being on the Varsity roster adds to your overall class ranking and being a starter even more. Is this true or is someone mis-informed?
There are several different rankings Mids receive. There is academic order of merit, which is what it sounds like; it is essentially your academic GPA. There is Military Order of Merit which factors in your military performance grade, conduct grade, athletic grade, PE grade, professional courses. The Overall Order of Merit takes all of this into account. The athletic grade is where a varsity athlete gets a few 'extra points.' An intramural participant would get 1 point in the system (unless it's changed) and can increase up to 4 points for something like varsity team captain or All American. Things may have changed but doubt it has much. It doesn't add a lot to any of this as there are formulas and weight factors to all this. It is a fairly minor in terms of impacting OOM. As your DD gets settled in she will learn the orders to look up that gives her all this data.
Thank you. Guess I should have known the Navy would of put it in writing somewhere.