Question about depression and cutting


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Feb 5, 2015
Asking for a friend. (Honest. I already have one in the military but I ran into a friend today and her daughter wants to enlist as soon as she turns 18).

Friend's daughter is 15 1/2 and her plan A is to enlist as soon as she is able. However, she is cutting and is also seeing a counselor. I said that I'd do some research for her.
I looked at the list - dated March 2014 - of non-waiverable conditions for the army and saw that self-mutilation is non-waiverable (2d).
( medical conditions.pdf )

Does anyone know if there is a more recent list of non-waiverable conditions?
Any advice I can give to my friend?

I thought it might be good for her daughter to focus on the physical requirements for enlistment (as this would be a positive thing to focus her energies toward) but if she can not get a waiver, then maybe she needs a new plan going forward.

Thanks in advance!
From the USCGA website list of common medical disqualification

Psychiatric and Personality Disorders:
Psychotic episodes. Character and behavior disorders. History of depression requiring meds, outpatient treatment or hospitalization. Bedwetting/sleepwalking/eating disorders past the age of 12. Attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder or learning disability such as dyslexia, which interferes with perceptual or academic skills past the age of 12. Use of medications to reduce symptoms of ADD or ADHD within the previous 12 months.

I am going to be honest. As a 20+ year veteran and parent of a service-member, even if she could get a waiver, I do not think the military is an appropriate option. She needs to find a direction that is less stressful.
Info from USCGA site won't really impact here. Enlisting and officer programs have two sets of standards, DoDMERB and MEPS. Although there is a lot of overlap. For enlistment the DoD Directive 6130.3 will guide it. Each service will also have its own regulations beyond for things specific to its service like aviation standards. Looking at the surface of the order self mutilation is disqualifying. I can't find where it says if it is waiverable or not (be surprised if it is as stress generally exacerbates conditions like this). None of us are MEPS or recruiters who can say with authority if it can be waived, best bet is to move forward with the process with caution and ask early on.
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Thank you.
I was looking for information that I could give to her that would show her exactly what the army rules are regarding medical situations. I suspect that she thinks (like so many do) that the army will 'take anyone' who wants to enlist.

I understand that some conditions are waiverable if the issue has been resolved for a certain length of time. I wondered if this might apply to cutting/depression. If it does not, then I think it would be best for this young lady to know now so she can begin to develop other dreams and goals.