Question about head injury


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Jul 26, 2008
When my son completed the DoDMERB Medical History, he answered YES to question 19. He has NOT had a head injury as in concussion, skull fracture, etc. He was hit in the face with a baseball at age 8 and his nose was broken as a result. He was not unconscious. The nose healed without surgery and does not bother him. As a result of the YES answer he was sent the Head Injury Questionnaire and he answered NO to the questions asked on it. He is scheduled to go for the physical next week and my question is should we try to correct the answer with DoDMERB before then or can the examining physician make the necessary clarification at that time. Thank you.
Your son can clarify his response on his medcial history and can explain his answer to the examining physician. That said, the best option would be for your son to attach a written statement of the situation and email it to me at
I just reponded to your son. He should be sqaured away now. As I told him, he should go on the DoDMETS (Concorde) website and enter his appt times and dates.:thumb:
U R entirely welcome. Thx for the chance to assist:thumb: