Question about I-D vehicle drop off


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Feb 2, 2017
In the PTR booklet, it states “Vehicular access for pick-up and drop-off during I-Day will be granted to individuals presenting their Midshipman’s Permit to Report letter along with a government issued picture ID.” But, on USNA Plebe Summer I day information website, it states “Please Note: In order to drive on to the Naval Academy yard, all parents will be required to undergo a background check and obtain a DBIDS photo ID. Information to obtain a DBIDS photo ID can be found here”.

I am confused. Do the parents required to get DBIDS photo ID to drive the vehicle on to the yard to drop the midshipmen on I Day?
It is my understanding that by presenting the PTR along with your reporting Plebe and proper identification that will allow you onto the Yard for the drop-off (any other people in the car will also need to produce acceptable ID - just as if they were tourist walking onto the Yard). The issue you will have is if you drop off the Plebe and leave the Yard - you will not be able to return driving back onto the Yard.

Parents are authorized a 'parking pass' which allows you to drive onto the Yard (with supporting identification), however it comes much later and does require a background check. There are 2020 parents still waiting to get theirs - it became somewhat of a joke this past year.

It is really easy to park at the stadium and catch the bus. (though last summer the number of buses running early was insufficient). As a side note, no one knows what your Plebe's report time is. If you show up early, they will round you up and send you through. If you are late (which I am certain some were last year because of the 'bus' issue), there is no list the Detailers are tracking.

It's funny that the booklet says '....for pick-up and drop-off....' not sure who would be getting picked up.
We didn't do a lot of things right for I-Day, but staying downtown at Loew's was a good one. Being able to walk DS to The Yard, then say our good byes before he walked through to induction ... then be able to leave for a while without futzing with the shuttle busses, that was worth it.
Agree with Coach Karl. Parking on the Yard can be pretty tight too. Walking in works well, but that assumes you are staying close. If driving to DTA, there are a couple of parking garages that are very walkable. But beware of street parking in DTA because there is not much, and there is very active parking enforcement.
And also be aware that pretty much anywhere in DTA is paid parking. This small town family is not used to that.
If parking on the streets of DTA, READ ALL SIGNS CAREFULLY. I apologize for shouting, better that then newbie Naptown visitors get burned.

For non-metered street parking, it may be free for 2-7 hours, within certain times. The sign will say. It's usually white with green lettering. That's to allow residents 24-hour parking access. DTA is a dense mix of residential and commercial, with off-street parking for homes not the norm in many areas. If the sign says 3 hours, your time is up in that zone after 3. Do not think you can move it to an open spot in the same zone and re-start your clock. Residents will have stickers on their cars, so if you park your car outside a designated time, you're toast again. On I-Day, you are unlikely to find a place anyway.

The nearest city garage, Hillman Garage, just off Main St., after you pass the CVS on your left, will fill up early. Local workers know to get in there and park before mid families try to get in. Do not commit the cardinal sin of trying to wait outside the garage when the Full sign is lit, hoping the gate will lift when a car comes out. Monthly parkers are guaranteed a spot, and the gate will lift for their mag cards. You will infuriate them by waiting at the lift gate and blocking access. Just a local's tip....I have gotten out of my car many a time to explain to a hapless waiting driver why horns are honking.

While I am on the honking subject, if you're not used to traffic circles, there are 3 in DTA and one out by the Westin. You have the right of way if you're in it. Don't stop/yield to let others in, just keep moving and get out when you need to. Those waiting to get in will do so when your departure creates a break. The honking levels definitely go up on I-Day, Comm Week, PPW, Parent Weekend, etc. The one at the seaward end of Main St. seems to stump many.

Search the USNA forum for years of I-Day advice on:
- which hotels have shuttles
- parking
- strategies for Stadium parking and using the bus
- I-Day in general

And, it can't be said too often, if you drop your plebe off early, depart to dump the car, with the idea of getting back for a hug and photo, have him or her wait well back from the invisible vacuum/black hole that is right outside Alumni Hall doors. If the line is moving well, any plebes standing too close will be sucked inside, regardless of their report time. Wait across the street on the parade field under the shade trees.
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With the construction going on and general activity associated with I Day, I wouldn't try to park on the Yard. The shuttle from the stadium works pretty well, just keep in mind you may have to wait a bit. Also, anyone getting on the bus at the stadium needs to show ID and go through basic security similar to entering from one of the gates before boarding, so make sure everyone has proper ID.

Staying close enough to walk is a good option, but probably pretty expensive on I Day and with only a few days until I Day I would imagine they are all booked.
When I visit, I rarely, if ever drive in downtown Annapolis. Probably too late now, but for future trips, + 1 on staying in one of the hotels in or near town. I've stayed at Westin the last couple reunions; a bit of a walk downtown, but pretty easy walk to the Stadium. I also like O'Callahan , they are not a national chain, so may be off the grid just a little and don't fill up as quickly, but was pretty nice (and had a great bar).