Question about MGIB eligibility with Green to Gold

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by bdaugherty, Jun 21, 2015.

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    I'm looking for some guidance on whether I'm eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill if I am ETS'ing early for Green to Gold. I am currently on active duty getting discharged in August for ROTC but I'll only have 28 months of active duty at the time of discharge since the rest of my enlistment contract is being waived so I can attend college. From what I understand, a Soldier needs to serve at least 3 years to get the MGIB. I was originally going to use my post 9/11 because I qualify for the 80% rate which requires 24 months of active duty but for my situation the MGIB will be better. My tuition will already be paid so I'd rather just get the $1717 per month the MGIB pays out rather than the $841 BAH I'd get with the Post 9/11.

    Since I'm doing G2G, I'd like to know if I can still retain my MGIB benefit. I paid the $100 per month for 12 months to get it and in my situation, I would think I wouldn't be penalized for moving forward in my career.
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    It depends on the bracket you fall into. This question is best for the VA directly as you could and most likely will receive some type of benefit. But only 28 months will most likely not get you full benefits regardless of your ambitions. They will provide you with the benefits you earned, ie time served. There are nO loopholes really, because they wouldn't know if you would finish the program etc.

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