Question about my AROTC scholarship


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Sep 27, 2008
So I was awarded a 4 year scholarship at the last AROTC board but I have yet to accept it. The letter says to accept NLT Feb. 26 which would be tomorrow but I haven't actually gotten into any of the schools I was awarded the scholarship at. So, my question was if anyone had any idea how this worked... Can I even accept the scholarship at this point, or do I need to wait for the next board results and when I hear back from the school's admissions?

That is great news! My son also received his scholarship before he was accepted at his school of choice (a couple months ago) He accepted the scholarship and then later heard that he got early acceptance at the school of his choice and his second choice. (now its up to Dodmerb, but that is another topic!)

We have read about speculation of whether or not having the scholarship in hand, helps to gain acceptance. Who knows for sure?

Celebrate the scholarship offer and watch the mail for your acceptance to the schools of your choice! they will arrive in no time :smile:

josh5sox, you better accept the scholarship to a school now. If you do not, I don't think they give you another chance on the last two boards. The Army will check with you again in May to see if you got in to the school you accept the scholarship for. They realize it's possible you won't get in to your selected school and they will try and work with you to apply it to one of the other schools on your list. But if you do not accept it at all, you will have no chance of using it.