Question about Pre-Candidate Questionnaire (PCQ) Online for Class of 2022


Aug 16, 2016
Good afternoon. This is my very first post after reading this forum for months. My DS just launched his online application to USAFA today and completed the online questionnaire. We were surprised how short the questionnaire was, though, only 12 questions? My DS entered that he is homeschooled and I wonder if that had something to do with the questionnaire being so short, or even if the online app is working properly. Is anybody out there who has recently completed the questionnaire who can verify if it was the same as he filled out? Beyond personal info and test scores, all it asked was twelve YES or NO questions:
1. Were you a candidate last year?
2. Did you attend college after hs?
3. Did you attend Prep School?
4. Are you interested in AFROTC scholarship?
5. Is your uncorrected vision 20/50 or better?
6. Have you participated in activities like sports, bands, or clubs?
7. Have you served as a team captain?
8. Have you served in high school government?
9. Have you participated in community organizations?
10. Have you received special recognition such as Eagle, Billy Mitchell, Boys State, etc.?
11. Have you worked during the school year?
12. Are you on active duty in the USAF?

It also asked him to check off various social media websites and USAFA websites that he has visited. That's pretty much it. We thought it would have had a list of activities to check off. Is the admissions office supposed to determine if you are a competitive applicant just from this small amount of info without even knowing what your extra curricular activities actually are? TIA for reading and answering this post.
You got the standard pre-candidate questionnaire. More questions, RFI, and instructions will follow in the Applicant and Candidate stages. Promotions to candidate status should not start until the 1st of July. Good luck.
Just checked the portal and his application status was changed from "Pending Review" to "Competitive". They must be working on the weekend there. We are encouraged!