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    Is it wise to list a school on your application even if it is unlikely you will be accepted to the school? I'm considering listing a "stretch" school on my application (Probably UNC or Vandy). If I was accepted, I would probably attend in a heartbeat, but since it's unlikely (though possible), should I even list it? And if so, should I put it as my #1 choice?

    Also, how easy is it to transfer your scholarship to a different school if you are awarded the scholarship?
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    You can search this thread for more information but from the posters this last year especially, YOU NEED TO LIST the 5 SCHOOLS you would attend and apply to them!
    Anticdotely this past season we read many applicants that got the scholarship to their in-state school - even if it wasnt listed as number 1.
    My son applied 2 years so my information and experience is not relevant - one can assume that the economy as it is (eventually that drives more to apply for the "free" education) and the military cutbacks underway and expected, this year's applicant can expect a large field, ? number of awards - and while it was the posters for air force in particular, the funds go further if the service award scholarships to instate institution.
    I would assume that as with my son's year, and these subsequent 2 - one should apply as EARLY as possible and SERIOUSLY think about which school you want.
    As for that - since we are Navy - I do know that there are seemingly NOT many schools with NROTC - go over the list and visit what you can.
    There are 2 states that have corp of cadets within the instate school- Texas A&M and Va Tech. Otherwise look to the military colleges if that environment is what you are after.
    FInally your question aBOUT TRANSFERS - again search this site - some have not come back to finally say what happened- but do know that it appeared from posters that IT IS A TOUGH thing to transfer the scholarship - all about the unit's size - some schools are popular and fill up fast, but one thing is certain all the units (the NROTC at the college) have a limit to their size. So the short answer would be - IT IS HARD to TRANSFER the scholarship
    What state are you from?
    Good luck with your quest -larry's mom
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