Question about strudent loans for USMA


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Mar 27, 2007
My son has recieved the West Poin prepartory schalarship program. At first he was going to attend Marion Military Institute. Two weeks ago he was swimming at the YMCA National meet in Ft. Lauderdale and the West Point Coach was there. He approached my son to swim for Army, which of course he would love to do. The scholarship program contacted him and told him he is now being considered a recruited athlete for swimming and they would like for him to attend Mercersburg Academy which is where they send there swimmers. Here is my question: Mercersburg is quite a bit more expensive than Marion. Since it is a prepatory school and not a college, is it possible to obtain a student loan to attend.
Since it is a secondary school, and not a college he would not qualify for federal financial aid or a federal student loan.
There are low interest private loans available for secondary school. You should contact their financial aide office -they also may have grants available as well.
If your son truly wants to attend West Point and he wont let anything get in his way, do what ever you have to do to get him there. My son was looking at attending a prep school for another academy prior to receiving his appointment to KP and it was going to be $ out of pocket, but it was what we were willing to do go get him in to a service academy. Best of luck, KPDad.