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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by prep362, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Recently, I have received an appointment to the USAFA Prep School.

    I'm really excited and can't wait to develop myself as a leader for my nation and on a personal level to see what I'm made of.

    However, I find myself in a unique situation.

    At my school, due to budget cuts, a lot of teachers were laid off last year. So for Calculus they stuck me with a teacher that has no experience as a Calculus teacher and the class of 2012 was sort of used as the "experiment class". This teacher has had many complaints from students and parents and it's even gotten to the point where they called us to the office and asked us questions about his teaching method and how it can be improved. It's gotten so bad in my class period alone, we started with about 30 students and by the end of the first semester there were only 9 left, including me. Long story short, I run the risk of failing AP calculus for the year...

    Will the Prep School take my appointment away from me for something like this? I'm not a person that likes to run away from a challenge, so I stuck to it. I thought that even if I fail this year, it will better prepare me for next year to whatever college I go to. I think I have a decent background in math (650 on my SAT math) and beside that, my first semester should match my second semester if not with some classes my grades actually improved. I've taken enough years of classes to be "competitive" for USAFA (4 years of math, etc.) so calculus is just extra.

    I have many leadership qualities and I know a language that the Air Force considers critical. Can anybody tell me what the chances are I loose my USAFA Prep Appointment? Can anybody tell me who to contact to help ease this in?

    Much appreciated, thank you.
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    Clearly the Admissions people think you have what it takes or they would not have offered you a slot at the Prep School. Contact your admissions counselor as soon as possible and tell them your situation. The problem typically occurs when a student takes a nose dive in all their classes. Do your best for the rest of the year. You might want to buy an AP Calculus AB Review book. As a Calculus teacher myself, I find my best students search out these books before the May testing day. PM me for suggested titles. Best wishes ! :thumb:

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