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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Big Bad Wolf, Mar 25, 2015.

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    I have signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon this October 26th. I'm aware that there is a marathon team that represents the academy, but I decided to sign up individually just in case I didn't make the roster. The race falls on a Sunday, so would I be able to leave and run it on my own?
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    You should be able to. Once the academic year starts mention this to your chain of command and they will help you route a chit (request) for this. I am sure it will be approved. Lots of Mids run it so you might be able to catch a ride with an upperclass too.
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    Traditionally, the marathon team (as a team) has not competed in the Marine Corps Marathon -- maybe things have changed in more recent years. It is also unlikely (especially first semester), though not impossible, to have a roster spot on the team -- you would have to be able to run about a 3:10 marathon or faster to make the team (you can get an idea of what time you would have to run when they compete at the Boston Marathon in a few weeks). I think you can also transfer the MCM number to someone else, if necessary. Getting a chit approved should be relatively easy.

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