Question concerning DODMERB Audiometry Remedial

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    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any and all answer that I receive. Before I ask my question I will set my background. I am hoping to become an USMC Officer through the OCS (Platoon Leader Class). I am currently trying to get cleared through DODMERB. I have taken the Vision and Medical exams and have passed both of them, but have gotten hung up on the audiometry. My first audiometry came back and for some unknown reason I had to do a remedial for the audio part. I have now completed the audiometry a second time and am waiting to see what will happen. On my it says (CPT# 92552 Obtain a repeat audiometry, air only). Also a note is that this the first time that anyone has ever told me that I have hearing trouble. I myself seem to hear just fine and can not notice a difference from when I was younger.

    My questions are:
    1. Is this a screening test or a baseline test, as I have heard it both ways and am unclear of which it is.
    2. If the results come back bad is there any chance that I can still go to OCS? Such as can I get a waiver? Can I get a private doctor to do another audiometry, as I am not very confident in the doc I went to for the two audiometries.
    3. What does the "air only" portion mean on my Is that referring to flight contracts only?

    Thanks again in advanced to all who give time to answer.

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