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Oct 17, 2008
Question 76 refers to "x-ray or other radiation therapy"

Is this question asking for information on all the times you have had routine x-rays in your life time for dentists, broken bones, suspected broken bones, pain in joints, etc. or is it looking for a pattern of radiation therapy such as radiation for cancer therapy.

Luckily there has been no "radiation therapy" in my son's medical history but there have been some instances in the past 10 years where an orthopedic took x-rays to get a better look at a joint or bone. Only once did these x-rays result in corrective medical action (cast for a broken wrist).

Do we report every x-ray taken in the past 16 years? I don't want to confuse things by including things that are not needed (for example, I am assuming that dental x-rays do not need to be reported) but I also want to be sure and include full disclosure.

Thank you for your advice or guidance.
Also, if you include every medical x-ray in your lifetime for bones or joints, would this information also be included on question 50 (bone, joint, injuries, surgery)?

Once again, I want to be sure and include everything but I don't want to respond incorrectly or provide incorrect answers due to misunderstanding the questions.
The simple answer, no. We're looking for radiation therapy---not individual xrays. Thx for asking though:thumb:
Thank you for your reply, that really helps. I wish I had asked the question before I had selected "yes" on question 76. :rolleyes: I guess I will add a short explaination that I misunderstood the question since I am now unable to change my answer.

Do I need to include all instances of bone/joint x-rays in question 50 or only for the times there was medical attention required?
Answer Question 50 the way is is asked: "Have you ever had or do you now have any bone or joint problem, injuries, surgeries, or medical treatment. Given that you are probably between 17-20 years old, this can't be that much of a task:thumb: