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Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by 2echo2, May 5, 2009.

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    I'm prior enlisted and have been accepted to prep school.

    I just have a few questions:

    1) What do you do in between prep school graduation and BCT? I dont know if I should use my leave before or after prep school.

    2) Are you authorized to wear prior occupational badges/ribbons at prep school/Academy? I know that AFI 36-2903 states prior service officers are allowed to wear the highest level occupational badge for their enlisted career field.

    3) And to those who are priors: How does Prep school BMT/Academy BCT compare to Enlisted BMT? (The 6 1/2, not the new 8 1/2 BMT).

    4)And finally, are prior-enlisted cadets treated worse than NPS cadets?

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    Well im not AFA Prep but Im a prior enlisted at NAPS this year hopefully I can help u out.

    1) Since you are active duty you will either have to do some sort of HARP duty between grad from Prep and the actually I-Day at the Academy. We either have to take the 45 days interssesional period as leave on the books (if we have it) or do HARP duty. We are also authorized to do TAD orders somewhere but they will not give you u BAH or BAS. The best part is we still get paid our paygrade over the summer and retain our Military ID cards the HS kids wont be allowed to. Im just doing HARP duty this summer since its back home in CO anyways so its like leave. You will need leave to go on Christmas and Thanksgiving break so I wouldnt use it all before PCS. im going to pay any leave I have back this summer.

    2) You are authorized to wear any ribbons and medals you have earned in the fleet or at least here we were allowed.

    3) I dont know about AFA BCT but our plebe summer is def not anything like Bootcamp. Our Indoc for NAPS and what Ive seen of plebe summer is easier than bootcamp. You will recieve calls like every week or something during ur indoc for AFA Prep and some other nice goodies. The big difference thats hard to get used to is that you will be having Upperclassmen "train" you, it is a difficult job for them since most of them havent been to the fleet yet so they are not compleyly sure on how to best do it. it is a learning process for them as well as for you. It will get annoying at times since you being enlisted are already locked on and alot of ur classmates will get the deer in the headlights look. But they will get it sooner or later.

    4) From my experience prior enlisted are necessarily treated worse. You will be looked upon to be leaders from the start. You will be held to a higher standard even though they tell you that you are not enlisted anymore nore better or worse than everyone else. Its kinda a double standard. But as long as you are willing to help move your platoon along the detailers will stay off of you since you are a big asset that they can use to train the HS kids. Dont get angry if you see a young butter bar making a mistake while leading ur platoon. They are learning just like you, however, it would be in ur best interest afterwards to pull them aside and talk to them, not disrespectfully but maybe give some suggestions on what can help your platoon out or his leadership style, since afterall, they still kinda outrank you. You two have to work together to make your Platoon the best it can be.

    If you have any other Questions just lemme know and hopefully I can help you out!

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