Questions about AFROTC eligibility


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Aug 8, 2008

I am 25 years old with three small children who is enrolling in the local universities AFROTC program.
I am exercising considerably to drop weight to meet the requirements but I cannot shake this doubt about
being accepted in the military.
Here are my concerns.

I was prescribed ADD medication but did not take the does for more than two weeks as I quickly saw that this was not
for me. I was looking for help with inattentiveness. I found out that solid scheduling and a strong work ethic were all I needed. I have over 50 credit hours with a 3.2GPA.

I also broke my L wrist over 5 years ago and required a plate and screw. I believe this was a small titanium plate.
I have NO issues with this and am completely normal functioning and have been since 8months post surgery.

Can you give me some information that would ease my mind as to if the direction I am headed in ROTC has a future.
I am worried I will attend the classes for a year and then be told that I cannot be commissioned because of these things.

I have already been told I will need a waiver for my three children.

Thank you VERY much,
Joel Thomas
What age were you prescribed the ADD meds? There is no issue with your wrist provided the fracture is completely healed; causes no pain; the ligaments are stable; and the retained hardware is not subject to easy trauma. The weight and children issues are administrative and we have no jurisdiction over those matters.:thumb:
I was prescribed meds close to 8 months ago but only took them for two weeks. I will have my physical early next spring according to my commander if that helps out with the information.

Another mention was a prescription for Trazodone which the local University Dr. prescribed me for sleeping. Needless to say after ONE night I called and told them I was off them and have since found that solid exercise is the key.
Hopefully these would not cause a problem.
I started college 2 years ago and have maintained a 3.1 with a 3.2 in high school. If anything the ADD meds for two weeks caused my grades to slack a bit. ADD is "treated" way to much in my opinion. After reading up on it I certainly do not have this problem.

Outside of the 12 month window. It won't be an issue:thumb: