questions about sports and ECA's at USNA

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by futureusna, Oct 18, 2011.

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    I understand you are required to participate in a sport at USNA

    Boxing: from what iv seen, boxing is a big deal at the Academy. Are you issued boxing equipment or do you have to purchase your own??? Does training/fighting in the Brigade tournament count as a sport???

    ECA's: Does a Midshipman (or Plebe) have time for more than one???

    I'd be wanting to take boxing, jujitsu club, karate club, and long range shooting club...but i cant imagine how somebody could participate in those.
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    As you said that would be very ambitious and more than likely not possible. Boxing is a big deal at the Academy and has a long tradition. Boxing is a very demanding sport that requires alot of time and does count as the required sport. With the physical and time demands I am guessing you won't have time to tackle many other items beyond your school and military obligations. Boxing has a ton of equipment that I am pretty sure new members can borrow and continue to use unless they want to purchase their own. From what I remember, there are alot of Mids who try out for boxing and attrition itself due to the demands tends to cut down the team some. The boxing team does travel and compete outside the Brigade some also.
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    Boxing equipment is issued to Plebes for use during their mandatory boxing classes. I don't know for sure about the boxing team, but a lot of funding depends on the "level" of the team/ECA. For example, the funding that USNA provides (versus out-of-pocket from the Mid) goes up from ECA to club team to varsity team.

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