Questions for a soon-to-be doolie mom

Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by ArmyBrat2AFSpouse, May 2, 2010.

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    Does someone have a list of dates, places and approximate times were we could see our Doolies at the Air Force Academy throughout the year? I've seen people mention if given the opportunity..go watch them march into Jack's Valley or when they return (August 4th?).

    Try to stay a day later after the initial in-processing and watch them swear-in as a class. Where would that take place? Approximately what time.

    Just little events a parent or friend should go see if they are in the area.

    Also...anyone know how many games are played for freshman football? I am assuming all games are local.

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    Opportunities to see your Doolie

    If you go to I-day (June 24 for c/o 2014) after you see them get on the bus you can go to the chapel wall and watch the basics as they travel the T-zo (Terrazo). Some parents claim they saw their son/daughter with binocs. We did not go to I-day so I can't verify what you can actually see.

    From Web-Guy pictures and info from parents -- the next morning is the group swearing-in (they actually swear-in in groups in a classroom during the day on I-day). Parents get to the chapel wall EARLY to get a spot along the wall. Some bring signs. According to what WebGuy posted last year, the basics marched out at 0800, and the ceremony was 0830-0900.

    Next opportunity locals take is July 4th -- they'll throw candy & burgers to the basics from the wall -- what wall I don't know. Last year it rained so there weren't too many parents according to the forums.

    After that it would be field day -- you can watch activities but cannot contact them. For 2014 I read Field Day is Saturday July 10.

    March out to Jacks Valley -- be on the road by the B-52. I think it's Sunday July 11 this year. Don't know time though.

    March back from Jacks Valley would be Saturday, July 24.

    The week after Jacks Valley the basics often wear blues and do more marching, drill, parade practice, etc.
    Cadet wing returns July 31 and they move to their academic year squadrons.

    The Acceptance Day Parade is the last opportunity to see your doolie. The parade is at 1000 --- I THINK. After the parade is over you can visit with your new C4C (no longer a basic cadet) for approx 2 hours. They can't leave the area but you can bring a picnic lunch and feed them by the Fieldhouse. You can take stuff to their rooms -- like printer, blanket, sleeping bag, monitor, etc. There is parade practice the day before which you can watch, but no contact with your basic.

    After that -- PARENT's WEEKEND!!

    As for Freshman Football -- sorry, but I don't know how many games there are, or when they are. I do know Parent's weekend there is a game, Friday afternoon.

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