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Jun 9, 2006
As R-day gets closer I will probably think of more questions but right now I have mail on my mind. These are regarding mail during Beast:

1) Should I send a few stamped envelopes and some paper with my son? I have no idea if he will have the time to write.

2) Was there anything in particular your family wrote that helped you get through?

3) Is a letter a day too much mail? Between me, his Grandma, and his girlfriend, my son will probably get a letter every day or two. I don’t want to cause him any extra hassle by sending mail too often.

Thanks in advance!
I'm not an alumni, and I don't really know how much time for reading letters I'll have during Beast, but I know that I'm gonna want several letters a week! Might not have time to read them much, but I'll still want them!
I am not alumni either, but I found some information that says the new cadets want letters and lots of them from home but to always keep them positive as they will have enough on their minds. My daughter expressed that she wants as many and as often as we can write. She thought it was funny that the mail needs to be addressed to "New Cadet".
With that in mind, I think too many letters would be a good thing, at least for Beast.
New Cadets during Beast will absolutely love getting those letters. And they may be required to write home at least a few times. You'll cherish those letters as much as they will.

Something we did was send questionairres that could be filled out quickly. They included fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice questions like:

My squad leader is: great, a jerk, really concerned about my welfare, exactly what I expected.

The food is: delicious, boring, who has time to notice

My roommate is: prior service, a pt stud, going to be a great friend, great at polishing shoes.

I think you get the picture. Our daughter actually had fun with these.
Thanks for the replies.

MOT - Questionnaires are an excellent idea. I did that last August when my son was doing his RAT (recruit at training) period at NMMI. He didn't have much time to write so I sent him a list of questions with answers to circle. I have kept the letters I received and was re-reading them last night, fun to look back on now that his year there is almost done.
I tried looking for the link to some that had already been created. Once you get onto, I'm sure the moderators or somebody with an older cadet will get them to you.