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Questions on 3Q

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Fergusnr, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Fergusnr

    Fergusnr Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    I received my TWE before my medical qualification came in but after I passed the CFA and received a nomination. Does this mean that I was academically DQ'd? Also, at this point would I be out of the running for USMAPS and the sponsored scholarships? I know the chances are slim for both routes regardless but I am still curious.

  2. 845something

    845something Member

    Feb 22, 2013
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    If you got the TWE that says that while you are qualified, you will not be offered admission, you are out of the running for USMAPS because you are academically qualified. Chances are, if you received it this early, you are also not in the running for sponsored/AOG Prep because that usually goes to those that are right on the bubble and your RC would have talked to you already about that option.

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