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    Being relatively new to Service Academy Forums I may be speaking out of turn and apologize if I offend anyone, that is not the intention of this post.
    My impression of this forum is that it is very professional and supplies accurate information to service academy candidates and parents during one of the most complex application processes one will ever encounter.
    100% of the posts I've seen from BGOs have provided honest, accurate and straight answers.
    At times, it appears that when an answer does not jive with a candidate's intentions, the question goes round and round. To be blunt, "You can only beat a horse so many times before it dies."
    Though volunteers, BGOs (the official title is Naval Academy Information Officer) take their responsibilities very seriously. Each one of us is required to complete regular training. We constantly receive updates from our AC, as well as Admissions, with regard to the application process and status of the current application cycle.
    What is the best advice derived from all of my BGO training? To emphasize to each candidate:
    1. The importance of completing the application per instructions
    2. Attention to detail is key
    3. Submit documentation in a timely manner
    4. The importance of maintaining a rigorous physical training schedule
    There is nothing a BGO can do for a candidate who chooses to ignore advice, it is just that, advice. Speaking for myself, my greatest wish is that every candidate will ultimately achieve their goal of serving our great Nation.

    BEAT ARMY! Way to go Navy (32-14 against LA-Tech) :thumb:!

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